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Image of 7 days of fitness, meditation and relaxation. Join in.

7 days of fitness, meditation and relaxation. Join in.

Please enjoy our Summer Fitness Online Program to keep you moving 7 days a week.

This fantastic program has been created by BSRV's Jenny Dodd especially for our BSRV community of participants, volunteers and supporters.
This collection of pre-recorded sessions has been designed to help keep you active, motivated... and relaxed at home for FREE.


“Thank you so much Jenny, so wonderful to be a part of the online fitness sessions. I know that these classes have been of great benefit to me.” Janene.

Below are the links to a variety of easy exercise and relaxation videos to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, either sitting or standing.

Classes focus on posture alignment, gentle stretches and flows to activate your energy and breathing to calm and relax your mind and emotions.  

All fitness levels are welcome, no equipment is necessary, and anyone who is sighted, blind or has low vision around Australia is welcome to this FREE offer.



CLICK below on the playlist link to access all sessions OR just CLICK on any one of the titles. Enjoy.


Summer Fitness Online Playlist - all 13 videos


Summer Fitness Online Playlist - individual links

  1. Xmas Warm Up and Yoga Heart Flow Standing 38min

  2. Summer Calm Warm Up and Flow– Standing 46min

  3. Xmas Warm Up and Dynamic Floor Relaxation 42min

  4. Brain Balancing Class – Standing - 48min

  5. Silk Reeling and Flow Class – Standing – 50min

  6. Summer Vitality – Standing Class 40min

  7. Heart and Small Intestines Focus Class – Standing – 41min

  8. Chair Routine – Easy Warm Up and Flow – 20min

  9. Yoga Heart Class – Standing – 33min

  10. Audio - Happy Heat Meditation 12min

  11. Yoga Floor Exercises and Standing Earth Sequence 46min

  12. Yoga Energy Balance 1. and Tree Sequence 40min

  13. Summer Calm – Sitting – 36min


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