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Image of Anyone for Yoga on Tuesdays in Hawthorn?

Anyone for Yoga on Tuesdays in Hawthorn?

Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria invites you to join a Yoga class.

We are looking for people to join in a yoga class in Hawthorn (exact location to be confirmed) which will hopefully commence in September.

Numbers will be limited. This class is suitable for people who are blind or have low vision.

Who doesn’t love the ‘Mountain Pose’ or the ‘Downward-Facing Dog’?


What style of Yoga is it?

This Yoga class is taught by the lovely Elsa and follows the 8 limb approach, which is a mix of ashtanga, yin, meditation, and pranayama (breathing practices). We hope that you join us and join in.

To express your interest or for more information please email or phone 0493 105 800.



Thank you to Boroondara City Council for their support.