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At-home health and wellness programs

BSRV is pleased to offer a range of in-home health and wellness programs each week, to keep you active, fit and make connection with others during COVID-19 restrictions.

We understand that the current social distancing guidelines can make it difficult for you to remain physically active and connected. These new programs have been developed to offer a safe and convenient alternative, which can be conducted within your own home.

This trial program is being conducted by BSRV Program Coordinator, Sandra Knight – using the Zoom video/audio conference program. Participants can either join in via landline, mobile or their computer and the range of activities on offer include:
- Full body fitness
- Virtual Morning Teas
- an intermediate level yoga class (note: as the yoga class is currently at capacity, this is a wait list only option)

The fitness program involves listening to an exercise session on YouTube, while BSRV’s Program Coordinator provides verbal explanations about some of the moves involved. Our Program Coordinator will also verbally describe some of the moves prior to the YouTube video commencing.

BSRV is able to offer you advice and support in the use of Zoom video/audio conferencing to facilitate your involvement in these programs.

We hope they provide you with opportunities to keep active, fit and involved during the current COVID-19 restrictions. Everyone is welcome to be involved in the program as much or as little as is wanted by you. What is important to us is for you to join in and give your feedback to help refine the program.

To find out more or register your interest, please contact Sandra Knight, Program Coordinator on Tel: 9822 8876 or