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Image of Australian Open Accessible Audio Stream

Australian Open Accessible Audio Stream

Tennis Australia, Monash University and AKQA have launched Action Audio, an online audio stream designed to make the Australian Open broadcasts accessible for almost 600,000 Australians and 285 million people living with blindness or a vision impairment.
In a world first, this system will be enabled for a global audience during the following 2021 Australian Open finals:
  • Women’s Singles Final - 20 Feb 2021, 7:30PM AEDT
  • Men’s Singles Final - 21 Feb 2021, 7:30PM AEDT
To experience and learn more about Action Audio, visit and be sure to listen live on the 20 and 21 February 2021 at
Action Audio uses Tennis Australia’s real-time ball position data to make the ball ‘audible’ to blind audiences. By applying sound design principles to the ball data, blind and low vision audiences can follow the speed and trajectory of the ball, its proximity to the line, and a player’s shot type in 3D audio.
For technical assistance or to learn more, you can contact Action Audio directly at