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Image of Bringing home a new sponsor

Bringing home a new sponsor

We are proud to announce that real estate agent, JK Gill, has come on board to support BSRV as a sponsor of our Newsletter.  The company – which prides itself on providing a personal and accessible service for people of all abilities – boasts years of experience in the real estate industry, both within the residential and commercial sectors.

JK Gill assists buyers and sellers in both metropolitan and rural areas of Victoria to achieve their aims and is led by Company Director, Mandip Singh.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Mr Singh said: “I am often saddened by the numerous recounts I hear of agents not returning calls and playing games, while also assuming their clients can navigate their own way through the complex and often stressful buying or selling process.” 

“My business is built upon honesty and trust.  I personally assist my clients of all abilities with technology while spending extra time to drive to their place of residence and explain offers and sign contracts in person,” Mr Singh continued.

“Too often real estate agents assume that clients have access to new technology and online systems, which are not always simple or accessible for people with disabilities. I aim to provide a service which is easy and efficient for my clients, at no extra cost to them.” 

BSRV President, Maurice Gleeson OAM said: “We are delighted that JK Gill is joining us as a sponsor and look forward to working with Mandip and the team during 2021.”

Mandip can be contacted on Mobile: 0434 231 998 or alternatively by email: