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Image of BSRV's Blind Tennis team are representing Australia in Singapore this May.

BSRV's Blind Tennis team are representing Australia in Singapore this May.

A great opportunity for Blind Tennis to collaborate with Soundball in Singapore.

Shortly, in May 2022, six members of Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria’s (BSRV) blind tennis team will represent Australia in a friendly tournament and public exhibition match with Singapore. Soundball is the name given to blind tennis in Singapore.

In addition to improving their skills and develping closer relationships with Soundball Singapore, the blind tennis team will spend time collaborating with tennis governing bodies in regard to hosting an international tournament for the Asia Pacific region in future. The organisations they will be meeting with are the ‘Singapore Disability Sports Council’ and ‘Sport Cares’.

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Blind Tennis wins an Award
BSRV’s blind tennis program was awarded the ‘Most Outstanding Inclusion Initiative’ at the Tennis Victoria awards in 2021. Being blind or vision impaired, the players use their directional hearing to determine the location on the court of a specially adapted tennis ball, which contains a bell.

Read about BSRV Blind Tennis Program wins at the 2021 Victorian Tennis Awards.

In 2019 we welcomed Soundball Singapore to Melbourne.
We were delighted to welcome members from Soundball Singapore to Melbourne for a blind tennis exchange program where the two teams got together to share information and experiences.

Four players from Singapore and five players from Australia were excited to train together at the National Tennis Centre. It was a great opportunity for friendly matches and for players to practise different styles before they headed to Spain for the International Blind Tennis Tournament. The coaches also shared their knowledge in training techniques.