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Image of Singapore visit paves the way for future blind tennis competition

Singapore visit paves the way for future blind tennis competition

In the week of 29 April to 2 May, Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria were delighted to welcome members from Soundball Singapore to Melbourne for a blind tennis exchange program. Soundball is the name given to blind tennis in Singapore. The two teams got together to share information and experiences.

Four players from Singapore and five players from Australia were excited to train together at the National Tennis Centre. It was a great opportunity for friendly matches and for players to practise different styles before they head to Spain for the International Blind Tennis Tournament this June. The coaches also shared their knowledge in training techniques.

The days were filled with training sessions and friendly matches in the B1, B2 and mixed categories. There was lots of laughter and an outing to Melbourne Park could not be missed. The teams also had a lovely lunch with BSRV President, Maurice Gleeson OAM, who said: 'Organising these blind tennis exchange programs is of great value to players to gain competitive match experiences with others. Together with Tennis Australia, we would like to see blind tennis grow in the Asia Pacific region; with the ultimate goal of someday holding a first Asia Pacific tournament.’

Australian Blind Tennis Team Coach, Samir Mahir said: 'Our goals are to establish international connections among blind tennis organisations within the Asia Pacific region, share knowledge and experiences with the intention of building stronger relationships between Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria and other Blind Tennis Associations such as Soundball Singapore. With the support of Tennis Australia and Tennis Victoria, these types of initiatives contribute to the growth of blind tennis in general.’

Thank you to Soundball Singapore for a wonderful experience; and the whole organising team. A special thank you to Tennis Australia and Tennis Victoria for their support and help. We look forward to seeing everyone in Spain very soon.