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Image of Thoughts on the Royal Commission: Aged Care and Disability Sectors

Thoughts on the Royal Commission: Aged Care and Disability Sectors

‘We look forward to the Government conducting two Royal Commissions - one into the Aged Care Sector and the other, the Disability Sector.

Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria encourages any person, group or organisation who has been affected by neglect, abuse, violence or exploitation to make submissions - either as an individual or a systemic group.

Such inquiries and processes are not to be regarded as revenge or retribution. Rather, it is about identifying what has gone wrong in the past; and what now, by contrast, should be expected in a civilised society.

The only way we can move forward and create a better society is to identify what’s happened in the past and what is currently happening, so we can create a better culture moving forward into the future.

Unfortunately there are often too many good people who remain silent.  They should know how important it is to give feedback, and if they feel they can’t do so directly, they could find an advocacy group and/or somebody else who’s prepared to do it on their behalf.

Furthermore - what is extremely important in the longer term, regardless of the findings of the Royal Commission, is that Governments say they will monitor the implementation of recommendations.  However, who monitors the degree to which such implementation of recommendations has made any difference?

Will the Royal Commission recommendations include how such recommendations will be implemented and measured’?

Maurice Gleeson OAM


Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria