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Image of ambassador Adam Fayad

Meet Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria Ambassador, Adam

Adam Fayad became involved with Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria in 2011 as a Blind Tennis player. He has recently been appointed as the Acting Representative for the International Blind Tennis Association; and he was the Australian captain and Victorian captain of the Blind Tennis team.

When Adam began experiencing vision loss, he started feeling depressed but after joining Blind Tennis he said his life improved. “Blind Tennis is my family. They are my social outlet. It is such an important sport in my life. I look forward to attending, playing and meeting everyone.” Adam loves to see the different players and admires each person for their willingness to 'give it a go'.

Adam mentions that: “sport has encouraged me to re-visit things I experienced earlier in my life, but thought I may never do again’. He loves the competition and has thoroughly enjoyed playing Blind Tennis overseas. He has participated in exchange programs with players overseas in Singapore and plans to do the same in 2022. He now has the confidence to travel and to learn new things. Adam is also currently learning to play the violin.

Adam says: “Life has never been better" and that he really appreciates being part of the Blind Tennis program. "It gives me the opportunity to meet new people who become part of the tennis family. Blind Tennis has also made me more active and given me a sense of direction. I’m very grateful that Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria has given me the Ambassador role and it’s an honour to accept and promote our program."



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