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Key Partners.

We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support and enthusiasm of our major partners and supporters, who provide vital funds to assist Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria. Many also provide valuable in-kind and volunteer support and knowledge sharing – and we take this opportunity to thank them.

Image of RACV


RACV is supporting BSRV's blind tennis program so it can continue to expand; and engage more participants and volunteers at local and regional clubs throughout Victoria.

Image of Tennis Victoria

Tennis Victoria

With Tennis Victoria’s assistance, our blind tennis program has grown and prospered to include a thriving program at Melbourne Park Tennis Centre and competing internationally.

Image of VicHealth


With VicHealth’s support, Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria is engaging more young people who are blind or vision impaired in a range of sport and recreation programs to improve their health and well-being.

Image of Vision Australia

Vision Australia

As a long-term major partner, Vision Australia assists Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria on many levels, including an office and infrastructure at Kooyong.

Image of Victorian Government

Victorian Government

We work with Sport & Recreation Victoria to help integrate people with vision loss into mainstream sports clubs and venues and expand our programs in the community.

Major Supporters

Our major supporters help contribute to the success of our organisation in a number of ways. We acknowledge this wonderful support and thank them.

Image of City of Boroondara

City of Boroondara

With support from City of Boroondara, Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria is assisting Boroondara residents with vision loss to attend recreation centres, gyms, aquatic centres, parks and educational settings, with the assistance of a matched volunteer.

Image of City of Melbourne

City of Melbourne

With City of Melbourne support, many people with vision loss have improved their safety by participating in group walks covering changes taking place in the CBD.

Image of Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria

Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria works with Sport & Recreation Victoria to help integrate people with vision loss into mainstream sports clubs and venues.

Image of Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation

Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation

Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation have provided funding to assist Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria to engage more people with vision loss, volunteers, donors and supporters through an upgraded website.

Affiliated member clubs

Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria's affiliated members offer a range of sports across Victoria for people with vision loss for people of all abilities. New members are welcome to these clubs – you will find further details of their activities, events and contact details under the Get Involved section of this website.

Our affiliated clubs are:

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