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Image of Active Teens

Active Teens

Designed for teens, but all ages welcome!

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Image of Australian Rules Football

Australian Rules Football

This adapted version of Australian Rules football allows people with blindness and low vision to play Australia's great game.

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Image of Aquatics & Swimming

Aquatics & Swimming

View our range of aquatic and swimming programs for all ages.

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Image of Cricket


Come and enjoy the recreational and social benefits of cricket, using a plastic ball containing audible metal washers.

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Image of Goalball


This team sport was designed specifically for athletes with vision loss. In a team, participants must throw a ball embedded with bells into the opponents' goal.

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Image of Golf


Blind and vision impaired golf is played with the assistance of a sighted caddy, who assist by being the 'eyes' of the player.

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Image of Gymnastics


Improve your balance, coordination and strength through Gymnastics. Specially adapted equipment includes items that make sounds when stood on, props with texture and balls containing bells.

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Image of Indoor Bias Bowls

Indoor Bias Bowls

Played indoors on long green felt carpet, players use contrasting colour bias bowls, with one smaller white jack.

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Image of Judo


Enhance your motor skills, balance and confidence with programs for young people and adults

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Image of Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls

Learn to play lawn bowls, where people with vision loss are accompanied by their own sighted helper, to assist them during the game.

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Image of Running


Whether you are blind or vision impaired or wish to run/walk alongside people with vision loss, join Achilles Melbourne to achieve individual fitness goals.

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Image of Skiing


Come and enjoy the Victorian Alpine environment, while learning skiing, supported by friendly volunteers.

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Image of Soccer


Soccer is a fun and invigorating team sport for people who are blind or those who have low vision.

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Image of Spin and Swim

Spin and Swim

Come and enjoy organised indoor cycling classes on a stationary exercise bike, followed by a leisurely swim.

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Image of Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Vision Impaired Table Tennis (also known as Swish) is a fast, invigorating game.  It was developed by people who are blind in Australia

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Image of Tennis


Come and learn one of the world's most popular sports at the home of the Australian Open.

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Image of Ten Pin Bowling

Ten Pin Bowling

Join this fun sport, where a specially adapted guide rail enables a person to bowl independently.

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Image of Walking Programs

Walking Programs

A great introduction to Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria, you can participate in group walks, or pair up with a sighted volunteer in your local area.

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Image of Yoga


This yoga class goes beyond optimising movement in the major joints to teaching ‘tools’ to escape busy mind chatter.

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