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The Board

Image of Maurice Gleeson OAM

Maurice Gleeson OAM


Maurice is the CEO and President of Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria, where he leads a team of five staff and oversees Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria's entirely Voluntary Executive Committee. A keen and long-term advocate for people with vision loss

Image of Jane Florindo

Jane Florindo


Jane joined Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria's Executive Committee as Treasurer in 2015.  During the past 10 years, she has worked in a variety of different corporate roles as an advisor/consultant at Deloitte Australia.

Image of Gillian Manson

Gillian Manson


Gillian is the Vice President of Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria, and has been part of the Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria Executive since 2012. Gillian is an experienced sports administrator in both paid and volunteer capacities.

Image of Kaye Speed

Kaye Speed

Company Secretary

Kaye is Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria's Financial Manager, having served as a Voluntary Executive Committee member since 2002. She has fulfilled both the Treasurer and Secretary roles for Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria.

Image of Tessa Sullivan

Tessa Sullivan

Committee member

Tessa Sullivan is a wife and mother of three. She has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, a Master of Laws (Juris Doctorate) from Monash University and a Diploma of Legal Practice from the Australian National University.

Our Patrons

Image of Charlie Pickering

Charlie Pickering


Charlie Pickering is an Australian television presenter and comedian. His commitment to Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria is to increase awareness of the many sporting and recreational activities that are available to people who are blind.