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Image of ambassador Anushka

Meet Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria Ambassador, Anushka

Anushka was initially with Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria on a 3 month student placement and has expressed her appreciation for her experience. She says: “I participated in several sport and recreational activities and attended various administrative meetings where I learned about being part of an organisation. Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria gave me the opportunity to develop my skills. They gave me what I needed to learn in order to find a job.”

Anushka believes that everything she has achieved in her personal life is due to the wonderful support given to her by her Grandfather, Mr Rawail, as well as from Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria and Maurice Gleeson. She says: “I will always remember and support the organisation, because Maurice Gleeson supported me when I needed it most in my young life.”

“My Grandfather encouraged me to be positive and to believe in myself. I received the keys to my first home on the day he passed away. This was a positive because he lived long enough to see me achieve such an important goal. I will acknowledge my Grandfather wherever possible, as I think young people often forget the influence such people have had in their lives. I will acknowledge Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria wherever possible as they have given me what I have today and that is the ability to work, and to acquire my home.”

Anushka enjoys fashion and modelling and wants to break down the misperceptions around having a disability. “I wear my disability as my crown. I am not ashamed of it. It is who I am and I love who I am and what I do.”



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