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Image of ambassador Genamarie Richards

Meet Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria Ambassador, Genamarie

In 2010, Genamarie discovered Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria. She had been frustrated trying to return to the active life she once led, and she really wanted to get involved in sports and recreation, but couldn’t find anything. It was a turning point when she met Maurice who listed about twenty different activities she could try. The first thing she did was sailing and she hasn't looked back since.

Genamarie regularly plays Blind Tennis where she “discovered a whole new world. A world of people who became more like family than friends.” Genamarie was proud to compete in Blind Tennis overseas. She highlighted the tremendous feeling of competing and more importantly meeting people from different countries who also had experienced vision loss.”

“Being involved with Blind Sports... the barriers and the hurdles were removed and I started to fly.”

Genamarie is involved in many creative activities; including dancing, reading, and group walks. She says “Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria has linked me to so many wonderful activities and to so many fantastic people. I say yes to almost every opportunity as I know anything is worth giving a try.”

"BSRV inspires love in the hearts of all participants" says Genamarie. She encourages everyone to come along and give it a go.


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