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Image of ambassador Silvana Pavlovic

Meet Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria Ambassador, Silvana

Silvana arrived in Australia as a refugee from Bosnia where, at times, her life was very difficult. She had to learn English and over the years her sight has worsened. 

An active participant in Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria's Blind Tennis program, Silvana also loves 'Walking with willpower' and online fitness sessions.  She finds joy in walking to the Tennis Centre. "I listen to all the different sounds around me. I love the city atmosphere. I also love meeting and talking to the people at Blind Tennis, as friendship is important to me.”  She says she is very thankful to Maurice for introducing her to Blind tennis, for his ongoing support, and for offering her the opportunity to be an Ambassador.   

She especially enjoyed the 2021 trip to Wangaratta for the Blind Tennis tournament. This was her first time traveling as a group in Australia and she is so grateful for all the support she recieved getting there and during her stay. She described the time there as ‘brilliant’ and was thrilled to meet and chat with someone from her homeland. She’d like to continue competing in events and promoting Blind Tennis to the public. Since becoming involved with Blind Sports, Silvana says: "things are getting better and better" and she has gained confidence to speak in public including radio interviews. 

Silvana is looking forward to contributing to BSRV as an Ambassador, saying: "I want to give back to Blind Tennis. I have received so much and I really want to help out."


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