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Image of ambassador Wanda Egerton

Meet Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria Ambassador, Wanda

Wanda is a prior Ambassador for Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria.

Wanda Egerton has been an invaluable member of Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria for over 20 years. She has volunteered to support group walking programs, school vision loss awareness workshops and a range of other activities.

Wanda enjoys table tennis, square dancing, yoga and regularly participates in the 'Walking with willpower' program. She has been on group camps and holidays and has attended the zoom / dial in group walking at-home sessions during lockdowns. Wanda enjoys the social aspect of being involved in Blind Sports.

In her role as an Ambassador with Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria, Wanda actively promoted the organisation and engaged in public speaking, expos, and school programs that raise awareness about vision loss and blindness.

Wanda was inspired and encouraged by Maurice Gleeson and others to try different sport and recreation activities and to move outside her comfort zone. By doing this she discovered Blind Tennis and other exciting opportunities. Her philosophy is: ‘If you don’t have a go, you’re not going to know: and when you do have a go, you know if you want to keep having a go'.

She loves being part of an organisation that is teaching people about vision loss and is always willing to help out. Wanda really wants to give back to Blind Sports and other blind and low vision people.



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