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Image of A fantastic tour of the Werribee State Rose Garden. We joined in!

A fantastic tour of the Werribee State Rose Garden. We joined in!

A relaxing day, enjoying our surrounds, where we stopped to smell the roses!

On Wednesday the 6th of April, thirty people from the blind and vision impaired community, plus support workers, carers and BSRV volunteers, headed to Werribee Park’s beautiful State Rose Garden.

Bumbling off buses and out of cars, the group converged excitedly at the entrance to the garden, and were pleasantly met by Parks Victoria Ranger, Cameron Tasker, and Parks Victoria volunteer, David.

David explained to the group that he had made it his Covid lockdown project to visit this park every day and learn as much as he could about roses. Luckily for us, David was to be our Fragrance Tour guide, imparting pearls of wisdom and interesting historical facts throughout the morning. With over 5000 roses in bloom at this time of year, there was a lot to take in, but the most memorable was Perfume Perfection, an aromatic Lilac rose, Double Delight, a large pink rose with internal petals, the rare green rose, and Pope John Paul the Second rose, for its name, of course!

At the tour’s conclusion, the group headed for the Werribee Mansion Café. Some dined on chairs with coffee and cake, while others sprawled on the emerald green lawns for a BYO picnic lunch.

Thank you to Parks Victoria for their ongoing support, and thank you to our valuable volunteers, Carmel, Liz and Rob, for helping to make the day into such a success.


This event was made possible by the Parks Victoria Walk in the Park Program.