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Image of A fascinating tour of a great sporting venue... 'The G'. We joined in!

A fascinating tour of a great sporting venue... 'The G'. We joined in!

The magic of the MCG.

Winter ice covered the grass and car doors as a group of footy fanatics who are blind / vision impaired, their support workers and friends, and four wonderful Blind Sports’ volunteers, all descended on Melbourne’s iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground for a guided tour.

Tour guide, John, delved into the fascinating history and traditions of ‘The G’, telling stories of its origin being a place for Wurundjeri corroboree, then a horse paddock for the local police force, and finally in 1853, becoming a sports stadium.

John’s passion was infectious as he led us into the posh ‘Long Room’ a space where people have to wait some fifty years to become full MCC members; and up to the top floor Ponsford Stand to admire the ground from a steep height.

It was the echo in the change rooms that moved people, as it reminded participants of all those footy anthems they heard on the radio or television growing up, the wins and the losses of their favourite teams.

Our last stop was a chlorine scented room lined with massage tables that led to two deep tubs. These tubs, it was explained, could be filled with hot water or ice, depending on the athletes. Interestingly, the footy players opted for ice baths, while the soccer players chose hot water and bubbles!

By the tour's end, the group were famished and we all piled into the Paddock Café to enjoy a good old fashioned Aussie sausage roll and meat pie. Thank you to the City of Melbourne for all their support.

Report by Miriam Bilander, BSRV Program Manager.


Chris, BSRV participant said "We really enjoyed seeing and hearing about the 'Long Room' at the MCG close up. I was particularly impressed with the raised platform with ramp access provided for members in the Long Room and I enjoyed touching the grass on the MCG."



This tour was made possible thanks to the support of the City of Melbourne.