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Image of A school holiday animal farm sensory tour. We Joined In!

A school holiday animal farm sensory tour. We Joined In!

A visit to the Collingwood Children’s Farm. Written by David Edgecombe.

On Monday 25th September we went to the Collingwood Children’s Farm with Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria.

We visited quite a few of the animals. There were goats right outside our lunch room. We went into the paddock with sheep and got to meet some of the very new lambs. My favourite animal there is still the guinea pigs and we got to pat two different guinea pigs and feed them grasses and herbs. 

There were sensory activities, including learning about plants in the garden, tasting some of the veggies that were grown there and touching, smelling and even tasting some of the other plants… but definitely not the stinging nettles – the sheep seemed to like them luckily.

My little brother and one of my friends kept going back for more of the sweet Tequila flowers from the garden – they promised us there was no alcohol in them.

My favourite part was seeing the animals – although it was pretty good that the Mums all had to help shovel out the stables too. I think us kids did a much better job!



"It was the little extra things that the team did to make the day a success, like providing our group with a private barn house to have a social picnic in beforehand, giving one girl a peacock feather as a "bravery award" for overcoming her fear of patting a farm animal. As we left the Farm, the two striking male peacocks with electric blue-green iridescent plumage decided to put on a courtship display. The day couldn't have gotten any better!"
Miriam Bilander, BSRV Program Manager.


Thank you to Guide Dogs Victoria and the City of Yarra for all their support.