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Image of A tour and lunch time concert at St. Paul's Cathedral. We Joined In!

A tour and lunch time concert at St. Paul's Cathedral. We Joined In!

A grand experience at one of Melbourne's major architectural landmarks.

We have all heard the bells ring out from the grand St Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, but have we ever been inside?

On the 28th of September, twenty three people with vision loss had a chance to enter this building and benefit from a fascinating historical tour led by four knowledgeable volunteer tour guides. This was a wonderful opportunity to hear about its political architectural past, to feel its giant stone pillars, to touch its striking stain glass windows, light a candle for Covid-19 victims, sit in the opulent Bishop’s chair, and listen to an ethereal lunch-time Concert.

The acoustics were other-worldly as soprano, Christelise de Graaf, and guitarist, Meredith Connie, presented songs composed within the last century, focusing on courage, power and loss.

Participant, Allen, said, “Thank you very much for a very enjoyable day yesterday. Everything went really well: seeing Mary, the tour, lunch and the concert. It is good listening to music from other cultures. Thank you for organising such a great outing.”

Thank you to BSRV volunteers, Carmel, Emily and Rachel, for helping on the day.

This tour was made possible thanks to the support of the City of Melbourne.