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Image of A wonderful visit to a nature lovers’ paradise in Cranbourne. We joined in!

A wonderful visit to a nature lovers’ paradise in Cranbourne. We joined in!

An ideal destination for those who appreciate nature.

Dave Fraser, BSRV participant and volunteer Ambassador, with his Guide Dog Levi, explored this great landscape with immense diversity of plant, animal and bird life.

Our group discovered the Australian bush area with its specific varieties of flora and fauna. As we walked along, we became increasingly aware of this unique environment. We developed a feeling of not just passing through the gardens, but being conscious of where we were at each moment in time, allowing the place to “work its magic on us“.

The experience became very immersive and awakening, allowing what was happening to connect us deeper to where we were.

We learned about the specific flora by allowing our senses to give us the best description possible of what we were engaging with, using our sense of touch and smell. Volunteers did a great job guiding and explaining. When we stopped, I felt the special places we were at, and I was able to immerse myself in the surroundings, tuning in to the information from my senses.

I was aware of the warm air moving gently around my body, the feeling of the surface under my feet being soft, and cushioning, but not having grass of any length. Also, the scent of specific plants, the feel of a leaf, or a discarded seed pod, the texture of tree trunks, the stillness gently broken by birds. We were there amongst all of this which gave us a real opportunity to be in the place and become receptive and fully aware of it.

What was special to me was when Rob, a volunteer took me off the trail to engage with an unusual dead tree. Rob explored the old dead eucalypt and described its smooth trunk and nodules where branches once existed. My experience of this tree was the same as Rob’s but my fingers found something more. The surface wasn’t entirely smooth and it felt like Braille to me. When Rob re-examined the trunk again, he saw tiny holes made by bores.

Every one that contributed to this great activity went away with very special memories of their own experiences. No doubt some felt a real connection with their environment and took away a sense of calmness and peace.

Lunch together was a time to chat with friends and to meet new people. Thanks to Rachel, her team of assistants and all who participated, for making a special day.


This event has been made possible by generous support from the City of Casey through their 2023-24 Community Grant.