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Image of A world of food at the Prahran Market. We Joined In!

A world of food at the Prahran Market. We Joined In!

"A place all foodies must visit." Maria (BSRV Ambassador) shares her experience.

BSRV participants and volunteers visited Prahran Market on Thursday 7 December to explore the variety of vendors who make this market one of the best to visit in Melbourne.

With the support of tour guides Mish and Declan, we were able to explore the many delights of the market which included tasting decadent French cheeses, tasting traditional spanakopita at Sweet Greek and visiting Arthurs Lollies who was the creator of Wizz Fizz.

It was glorious to meet all the proud vendors who are the big reason why this market is a must see for all foodies like me.

The group of twenty participants was split into 2 groups and were given a sensory tour of all the delights of the market including a great coffee and learning about white truffle imported from Italy, black garlic and all the exotic mushrooms available to the public.

As a lover of great food and local produce I would highly recommend the Prahran Market for a great day out and a great opportunity to learn about all the amazing food supplied by all the vendors that make this market a great place to explore.


Catherine, participant, said "I would sincerely like to thank blind sports for a great experience at the Prahran Market the tour guide was amazingly helpful with good food and wonderful company. Thanks for everything you have done for us this year."

"The day at Prahran Market was interesting. I got to smell and taste a lot of produce that I’ve heard of but never realised how expensive it was. It was a good day out. It was just a part of Melbourne that I would not have gone to without Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria." Rita, participant.


This event is supported by the City of Stonnington.