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Image of Armchair Travel to Everton with Tegan Allen. We joined in!

Armchair Travel to Everton with Tegan Allen. We joined in!

What a wonderful interactive session with Tegan Allen, a BSRV Ambassador.
Nick's comments say it all.

It was such a joy to learn about the High Country of North East Victoria.

Blind Sports Recreation Victoria Ambassador, Tegan Allen was simply superb. Her ability to share her personal story was such a highlight for me. I loved listening an learning about the everyday things of living in a country area and how she manages as a person with a vision impairment.

Thank you for sharing your love of where you live and how you work so beautifully  with your community. I smile when I recall hearing about sheep, about your Guide Dog and even about brown snakes.

It is a 'must listen'. Nick, Armchair Travel participant.

Watch Tegan's Armchair Travel on YouTube.

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Thank you to VicHealth for their support. This event was made possible by funding from the Vic Health Reimagining Health Grant.