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Image of Blind and low vision ice sports. Join us and join in.

Blind and low vision ice sports. Join us and join in.

Are you vision impaired or blind and interested in getting on the ice? For all ages, skill levels and ability.

Come along to these social skating meet-ups. Get your skates on and join in.

Tuesday 24th May – 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Wednesday 1st June – 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Where: O’Brien Icehouse, Docklands.

Skating would be assisted by support workers, and the use of skating frames if needed.


Contact: To register your interest or for more information please contact Jason Whiter (BSRV Ambassador) Phone: 0433 898 553.
Please contact Jason if you are also interested in social skating, figure skating, speed skating, curling or ice hockey?

To keep up to date with all the current ice events, please visit the 'Vision impaired Ice Sports' Facebook page.


"Skating provides a feeling of freedom. It's a thrilling experience"
Brian, a social ice skater who is vision impaired.