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Image of Blind Tennis for Adults at the National Tennis Centre. Join in.

Blind Tennis for Adults at the National Tennis Centre. Join in.

No matter your level of skill, come along.
It's a great way to stay active and meet new people. Join us.

Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria and Tennis Victoria invite you to join in and come and play Blind Tennis.

The blind tennis program, jointly developed by Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria, Tennis Victoria and Tennis Seniors Victoria is held on Friday nights at the National Tennis Centre on indoor courts.

People with varying levels of vision impairment participate in the program, rotating through different tennis exercises with the support of volunteers. Various types of balls are used, including audible tennis balls and different sized and coloured balls.

Prior to the blind tennis program, people with total blindness had no access to any kind of tennis activity.
Now, people from a wide range of backgrounds and ages are participating.

Participants can choose to play on a social basis or develop and improve their skills to play at a more elite level.
We welcome everyone - of all ages and abilities!

Give Susan a call (contact details below) and then come and join in. We welcome everyone.
The BSRV 'tennis family' are such a wonderful expanding group of people who are ready to share the joy of Blind Tennis with you. Join us - you'll love it.

When: Friday evenings commencing at 6.30pm, finishing at 8pm - dates below.

2024 term dates:
Term 1: 9th Feb – 22nd March
Term 2: 19th April – 28th June
Term 3: 19th July – 20th September
Term 4: 11th October – 13th December

Where: Adult Blind Tennis programs (as well as the junior programs) are held at the National Tennis Centre (Indoor Courts), which are located within the Melbourne Park precinct, opposite AAMI Park Stadium, next to Melbourne Arena.

Cost: Adults - Unemployed/Concessional: $60 per year. Employed: $80 per year.  Occasional participants: $5 per session.

Contact: If you are interested in participating in this program or would like to volunteer your time to assist, please contact Susan Marshall / Phone: 03 9822 8876 / Email:


How does a volunteer at Blind Tennis help?
Tennis volunteers help with skills development for players who are blind or vision impaired on the court, as well as ball retrieval, guiding participants to, from and around the venue plus other general activities. It's a lot of fun, you keep fit and meet great people.

Phoebe, BLV tennis player and volunteer said "Volunteering is a life changer. Come along - it doesn't matter what your ability is for any sport, you don't even have to like sport... just come along, get involved, meet new people, and feel part of a community... it will change your life!"

You can make a real difference to someone's life.

Comment from Silvana (Blind Tennis participant)

“Blind Tennis is my weekly event. It is my social activity. I love meeting and talking to the people at Blind Tennis. Without volunteers, I wouldn't play tennis.”