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Image of BSRV Swimming Guidelines - download now

BSRV Swimming Guidelines - download now

Blind Swimming Guide - a valuable inclusion resource

This guide has been produced to help aquatic sport and recreation providers, including aquatic facility staff, swimming teachers, club coaches, school teachers and volunteers, to overcome some of the challenges involved in effectively including people with vision loss.

The guidelines cover: 

  • Understanding blindness and vision loss. 
  • Understanding the benefits of swimming for people with vision loss. 
  • Ways to ensure your facility is accessible. 
  • Ways to ensure you are being an inclusive service. 
  • Sighted guide principles. 
  • Different water way environments 

Download the BSRV Swimming Guidelines document.

BSRV would like to acknowledge Sport and Recreation Victoria for supporting the production of this training manual and Life Saving Victoria for their input.