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Image of Celebrating our amazing team of Volunteer Ambassadors.

Celebrating our amazing team of Volunteer Ambassadors.

BSRV recently celebrated two years of the Volunteer Ambassadors Program with some of our dedicated Ambassadors and guests at the Mail Exchange Hotel in Melbourne.

We are grateful to all those who have generously given their time to help promote the opportunities for people who are blind and vision impaired. Their involvement has created awareness and encouraged others to keep fit, stay active, make friends, and to be part of the wonderful BSRV extended community. Through meaningful roles, they have gained confidence, new skills and leadership qualities.

Thank you to all who gathered to share stories and to connect. To all of the BSRV Ambassadors, we are very thankful for your commitment. Thank you to Robert, Annette, Terry, Tegan, Doug, Adam, Silvana, Gigi, Shannon, Phoebe, Jason, Anushka, Chris, Wanda and Carol.

Thank you also to the Department of Social Services who support the Ambassador program.

Other guests in attendance included Jon Watson (Tennis Victoria), Michelle Crawford and Emma Wigley (Department of Social Services), Raj (a new BSRV member), David (junior tennis player), Maurice (BSRV President), Robyn (Volunteer), Amanda (BSRV General Manager, Operations, Digital and Marketing), and Jo (Blind Golf volunteer).

We would like to thank the lovely Rachel DeSumma (BSRV Program Manager) for all her organising, and Tegan (BSRV Ambassador) for her super event planning. Thanks also to Julie and Gary for their assistance on the day.


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