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Image of Creativity inspired by special places and the people in our lives. We joined in!

Creativity inspired by special places and the people in our lives. We joined in!

Using tactile materials to find joy through art.

A group of 26 participants and volunteers joined BSRV in Hampton for a delicious treat at Sebastians Food and Wine restaurant for a casual brunch, followed by an art class at the Hampton Community Centre with artist Janis Morgan.

Each participant was provided with materials to create their own art work on paper that represented their happy place. We were able to choose from oil pastels, crayons, ribbons, beads and many other tactile materials to create our individual piece of art.

Each person created artwork inspired by such themes of nature, Australia, and family.
Rocky created an art piece reflecting his excitement at becoming a new grandfather and the love he has in his heart for his grandchildren.

BSRV and Janis provided a wonderfully creative day that allowed us all to be mindful and to trigger our creative juices to complete an art piece that was meaningful to each of us.

I would like to thank Tristan, a wonderful volunteer, whom assisted me to create an art piece I was proud of. As a totally blind woman I was very sceptical about my ability to create art, but as with everything in life - if you do not give it a try you do not know what your potential can be and I was pleasantly surprised at the enjoyment that creating art brought me on this day with BSRV.

Thank you to Bayside City Council for making this day possible.

Written by Maria Goumas.



About Janis Morgan.

Janis is an art and wellbeing professional with experience in visual and performing arts, education, community cultural development, textiles and design, both in Australia and internationally. As an Art Therapist, Janis has developed her Creative Wellness program, which provides a vehicle through ‘The Arts' to explore and express self, including reflecting on and making meaning of life challenges.

You can find out more about Janis and her work here




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