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Image of Dandenong Ranges Forest Bathing Walk. We joined in!

Dandenong Ranges Forest Bathing Walk. We joined in!

With the sun shining and a great day for a walk, the Dandenong Ranges Botanical Gardens was the perfect place to enjoy a Forest Bathing Walk. Forest Bathing is all about moving slowly, with the aim to connect with nature using your senses and exploring the natural environment. BSRV Program Manager, Rachel, led the walk as she is an accredited Nature Therapy Guide. 

Everyone enjoyed the time to reflect and be at one with nature culminating with a tea sharing ceremony.  The tea ceremony is inspired by the a Zen concept of greatness in the smallest incident of life. It emphasizes nature and simplicity and encourages the appreciation of all that is around us.

 “Being amongst all the lovely nature, trees, grass etc. has rejuvenated me and my pain levels always reduces to a degree” said Twanny.

Twanny added “I loved the quietness and stillness, and for a little while, I felt as one with those big lovely strong trees. I felt strong again, and not in a body that is slowly breaking down. Having the sun on me and listening to all the birds made me realise that it is still worth living and not to give up.”

This wonderful reflection of the trip by Twanny is why BSRV continues its mission to enhance the lives of who are blind or vision impaired”.


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