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Image of Great action at the 2022 Vic Inaugural Blind & Low Vision Championships.

Great action at the 2022 Vic Inaugural Blind & Low Vision Championships.

Three days of great action!

International Blind Tennis Association (IBTA) and BSRV President, Maurice Gleeson, congratulates Tennis Australia and all concerned in staging a wonderful inaugural Blind & Low Vision Tennis Championships at the National Tennis Centre from the 30th of September to the 2nd of October. Well done to all players who competed at such a high level and thank you to everyone who contributed in making this such a successful event.

The full list of results can be found on the Tennis Victoria website.


[Photo banner Image description: The first of three photos shows tennis player Mikey Leigh on the court during a game looking as though he has slid across the court, with a wide leg stance and arem bent about to hit the ball which has bounce in front of him. He is wearing all black.
Image 2: Arato Katsuda-Green standing with Maurice Gleeson, President of Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria and the IBTA. They standing in front of the blue Tennis Australia Blind and Low Vision Championships banner. Arato wearing his fluffy blue jacket and black Adidas shorts with a navy Ralph Lauren cap. Maurice is wearing a black jacket and black pants and is holding Aratos glass trophy and and resting his cane under his arm.
Image 3 is a wide shot of a large group on the tennis court, taken from above.]