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Image of Guided walk and Yidaki (didgeridoo) sound meditation. We joined in!

Guided walk and Yidaki (didgeridoo) sound meditation. We joined in!

A wonderful day of learning using all of our senses.

Along McCrae's beachside nature trail, we started our journey as Lionel shared his passion and vast knowledge about indigenous native plants and their uses in cooking and medicine. We enjoyed the experience by using our senses to hear, touch, smell and taste.

After the trail walk, we returned to the beach and took off our shoes to feel the sand between our toes. With a gentle breeze and the smell of fresh sea air, Lionel relaxed us with a healing sound meditation on his Yidaki. It was a wonderful experience.


Helen said "Thank you for arranging such a lovely event today.  The walk was refreshing. Thanks to Lionel for his joyful and lively sharing of local indigenous culture. We have such a lot more to learn before true reconciliation can occur."


Carmel said "Thank you for a wonderful event yesterday. Everything about it was very enjoyable, from the pre-event information, the presentation by Lionel, and the social lunch afterwards.

Lionel was a very engaging and informative guide, giving us an enormous amount of information about a wide range of indigenous cultural matters without overdoing any aspect.

His references to indigenous culture, use of indigenous terms, hands on introduction to bush tucker & medicinal herbs, and participation in the Yidaki healing meditation was a very immersive and comfortable eye-opener to a range of ideas and information that makes one want to learn more.

A big thankyou, from Elsa and myself, for a truly interesting experience."


Lionel Lauch, an indigenous teacher,  standing in bushland talking to a group of participants from BSRV.  A path leading through the bush with walkers on a guided tour. A small group is up front with a man wearing a backpack and sensible shoes walking with their black Labrador guide dog. Lionel the indigenous culture guide standing in the bushland educating the participants about the surrounding plants and flowers.

A slightly stormy looking sky above 7 people sitting on the beach facing away from the camera and looking towards the sea. Lionel, now with shoes off like the BSRV participants, is standing holding the Yikadi (digeridoo) in his hands looking downwards as though in contemplation. There are people sitting on the beach including one person with their Guide Dog. Lionel playing the Yidaki (digeridoo) on the beach.

Lionel was very generous, giving each a special treatment at the end. We appreciate his kindness.

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Thank you to VicHealth for their support. This event was made possible by funding from the VicHealth Reimagining Health Grant.