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Image of Join us for a 'Birding by Ear' sensory walk at Westgate Park.

Join us for a 'Birding by Ear' sensory walk at Westgate Park.

Explore Westgate Park with BSRV and Parks Victoria.

Join in to learn about the birds that call this park home through their song.

Enjoy the unique scenery of Westgate Park on a free and relaxed ranger and volunteer-led walk.

On these walks learn how to identify key bird species by their calls.

This accessible activity allows people with a vision impairment to participate in birding. 

Westgate Park is a renowned birding hotspot close to Melbourne's CBD, and in this easy, hour-long walk we will learn about the birds who call it home and the habitat that supports them. 


Where: Westgate Park, Salt Lake Car Park, Todd Road, Port Melbourne.

Friday 13th September, 10am to 11.30am

What to bring: Please bring a water bottle, closed comfortable and appropriate clothing for all weather conditions.

Support: If you are blind or vision impaired, you may need to organise to attend the walk with a support person. If you do not have a support person, email to arrange for a Park Walks volunteer guide to assist you who has sighted guiding experience.

Please note these walks are open to everyone but have been developed to accommodate for blind and vision impaired people to participate.

Bookings: Bookings are essential and must be made by through registering with Eventbrite or by emailing

More information, including meeting point and travelling assistance, can be found via the Eventbrite website.

Getting to know the sounds of the birds:
Before attending the walk, please use these resources to familiarise yourself with key birds calls at Westgate Park -


Annette Leishman, BSRV Ambassador, says that being in the outdoors elevates your mood and that a birding walk in the morning sets you up for a really nice day.

‘Birding by ear’ is an inclusive sensory walk where everyone is welcome.
Discover why Westgate Park is a sensational place to immerse yourself in nature as Annette chats with Peter Greco.

Listen to Annette as she chats with Peter Greco on V.A. Radio Focal Point about 'Birding by Ear'.