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Image of Meet Donna Perry, our amazing Aqua Fit volunteer.

Meet Donna Perry, our amazing Aqua Fit volunteer.

Donna is a volunteer generous with her time and kindness.

You know those silent people in our community who do so much good without requiring accolades or recognition? Well, meet our new Aqua Fit Class volunteer, Donna Perry, who was nick-named by her cousin as ‘Blossom’ because of how “cute and kind” she has always been.

Donna grew up in Dallas across the road from our very own President, Mr. Maurice Gleeson. She started out working in a textile factory, then a chocolate factory and a snow ball factory. Her love of children steered her into a nannying role for many years, and when these kids grew up, Donna spent her time caring voluntarily for the elderly and her parents.

Donna has always loved dogs and misses having her Fox Terrier and Jack Russel. Fortunately, she gets good company from her four budgies now – Buddy, Kanga (in dedication to her beloved North Melbourne football team), Blossom and Speedy.

Each Monday, Donna heads down to the Broadmeadows Aquatic & Leisure Centre to assist participants who are blind navigate the change rooms, make their way safely into the pool, watch their belongings while in the water and make tea/coffee for the group after the class.

In this role, Donna most enjoys helping out and experiencing the company of friendly people. When asked why she enjoys helping people so much, Donna replies, “Because it’s my nature, I always have, you know what I mean? I’ve always done it for my mum and that’s what I like doing. They’re nice people... you are their eyes and they need help. You might need help one day yourself and you would hope people will do that one day for you, it comes around quick”.

BSRV extends a heartfelt thank you to Donna for everything she is doing for our organisation and the participants of the new Aqua Fit program.


A word from Martha - an Aqua Fit participant who is blind.

"I loved my first session and am definitely keen to complete the term. I felt the group dynamic was very comfortable and safe, which really adds to the exercise component. Previous experiences in water aerobics classes at other leisure centres have been quite stressful; not being able to keep up with the class and the instructor was exasperated, then I felt ignored and like a burden to the class, therefore I never returned. This class was the opposite. Jeff had very clear instructions, very respectful, and made me feel much more relaxed and supported.

I’m incredibly grateful that Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria has provided a fitness class for a community that often feels left out. Our health, both mental and physical, is just as important to us as it is for everyone else!" 


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