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Image of Meet Terry, BSRV Ambassador and radio broadcaster.

Meet Terry, BSRV Ambassador and radio broadcaster.

Terry loves the feeling of hitting a winner, on the tennis court and via the radio waves.

‘Travel FM’ was the brainchild of Terry, who is not only an Ambassador to BSRV but participates in many of our programs including Blind Tennis.

During lockdown in 2020, the isolation was hard and Terry needed an interest to keep him occupied - this is how ‘Travel FM’ was conceived.

Working part-time at Ability Works, Terry was eligible for JobKeeper and was very thankful for the funds provided by the Australian Government, which enabled him to purchase an audio mixer and microphone. Terry soon learnt the skills he needed to produce his show and stands very proud as to what he has achieved. Many listeners from around the globe have registered with ‘Travel FM’ and Terry will send them a link each week to his show. 

“The music I play on my show is easy listening. I do a mix of songs in the hope that I can please all my listeners. The feedback has been great and I’m thrilled that people enjoy my show. I wanted to be a radio announcer since I was little, so when the opportunity came up and I could purchase the equipment, it was wonderful. Learning and planning to create my show kept me occupied and gave me a great focus during lockdown. My confidence has grown over the years and I’m now an avid traveller and have visited many places within Australia and overseas, including New Zealand and Japan”. 

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You can read more about Terry and other Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria Volunteer Ambassadors on our webite.