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Image of One remarkable location, two adventures of discovery. We joined in!

One remarkable location, two adventures of discovery. We joined in!

Exploring Williamstown in different ways.


Group one experienced the beautiful Botanical Gardens, enjoying nature.

We had a wonderful wander around the Williamstown Botanical Gardens enjoying some Sensing nature forest bathing elements to discover this historical place using our senses.

Rachel offered a guided exercise to explore our senses while seated in the grass and Rose invited us to 'breathe with a tree'. Everyone seemed to enjoy ‘connecting’ with the garden, feeling the different flowers and seedpods, listening to the fountain and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. 

We met up with the other group, enjoying Fish and chips by the beach. We all made sure to smell the roses in people’s yards on the way back. A splendid way to enjoy the company of others, and the world around us.


Group two explored historic landmarks and places of interest on a longer walk.

Stefan, a BSRV participant, shared his experience of this Williamstown adventure.

“I made my way to the meeting-point at North Williamstown station and was met at the top of the station’s stairs by, Rachel, one of the fully-sighted guides on the walk. We gathered in a circle and I met a group of people most of whom I did not know. I felt welcome.

 After a brief summary of what we were aiming at doing, two groups were formed:  those going into the Botanical Gardens (the short-walk and contemplative group) and those opting for the 7km historically-focused ramble round the streets and sights of Williamstown, ably curated by Robert Fletcher, local of significant renown.

 I was kept interested on the walk by his blend of historical and local knowledge of buildings and how to explain them to sighted and vision-impaired walkers alike, having been fully sighted and now with limited vision himself.

 What impressed me was the cheek-by-jowl existence of the old and the new e.g. former wool-stores now transformed into apartments and gourmet burger ‘joints’. So much compressed into a few kilometres.

No wonder it’s pricey to live there!”



Thank you to VicHealth for their support. This walk is made possible by the VicHealth Reimagining Health Grant.