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Image of Out There Sailing for Teens. We joined in!

Out There Sailing for Teens. We joined in!

On Saturday 17 April, Australian Sailing and BSRV ran an Out There Sailing experience for teens who are blind or have low vision. 7 teens and 2 preteens came down to the Boatshed and got out in the Hansa all abilities dinghies, with 3 participants building up the confidence to have a go on the faster Pacer as well. All the participants enjoyed the day, and the parents were really pleased that their kids were able to participate in something so different from their usual activities. 

Lilly, who is totally blind, said that she really enjoyed experiencing the different sounds and the way the boat moved, and Bianca, who has low vision, commented that she wanted to have a go in the Pacer because 'there is a higher chance of falling in'.

One mum commented that 'it's so exciting to have all these new opportunities for the kids to try. [My teen] has never had the chance to join in a sport like sailing before. He had a great time and would love to try it again.'   

It was a fantastic day all around and all the families are interested in doing more sailing in the future.

BSRV wants to thank Australian Sailing for giving young people who are blind or have low vision this amazing opportunity to experience sailing, and particularly to thank the instructors whose expertise and enthusiasm were so integral to the success of the day.