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Image of Stand Up Paddle Boarding. We joined in!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding. We joined in!

NOT EVEN a bit of drizzle could stop a perfect morning of Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Brighton for Surfing Victoria's 'Coasting SUP for Teens' program.

On Sunday 21 March 2021 six teens who are blind or have low vision got to experience Stand Up Paddleboarding for the first time with the amazing coaches from Surfing Victoria's Coasting SUP program. 

There were smiles all around as participants were coached individually to balance on the boards and learn the different types of strokes needed to cruise around on the water. And with a perfect score of six out of six teens who challenged themselves to stand up on their boards, the coaches were very pleased with everyone's progress.

Bianca (a teen with low vision) says: "I was nervous at first, [but] having the team from Surfing Victoria helping me, I knew I was in safe hands. Once I was up and paddling, I felt free and so proud of myself. Yes, I fell in a few times, but that was all a part of the fun."   

SUP is a safe and exciting sport, and Coasting SUP works with highly skilled coaches who assist participants in shallow water and have trained to coach people with vision loss. 

Coasting SUP for Teens (and Coasting SUP for Mums and Teens!) sessions are run from a range of venues around Victoria. If you are keen to introduce your teen to this fun and adventurous activity, contact and we will find your closest venue.

This program was supported by
Surfing Victoria and VicHealth.