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Image of Tactile exploration and sculpture workshop. We joined in!

Tactile exploration and sculpture workshop. We joined in!

A fun and tactile experience!

Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria invited young people (13 - 25 years) who are blind or vision impaired to an Introduction to Sculpture workshop with two of Australia's leading sculptors, Louise Skacej and Dean Colls.

 We entered their big round 'hobbit' gate and walked through an elaborate garden filled with sculptures of all sizes and textures. A tactile tour of their collection was followed by an exploration of clay using various tools and methods where the participants made a special take-home piece of art.


Kala shares her experience of the day.

 The garden was like an enchanted forest. But the magic didn’t stop there!

Huge, life like sculptures were gazing at you from every corner.

We got to look and feel those sculptures later, but first we experimented with drawing in clay.

As we had our afternoon tea, plaster was being poured on our clay drawings to create a work of art.

I loved the experience! I would definitely recommend this workshop! It's a great way to make new friends and explore your artistic skills.