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Image of The gift of origami and positive energy.

The gift of origami and positive energy.

A project created from empathy, creativity and hope.

When BSRV Ambassador, Rob Fletcher’s colleagues and friends from Singapore and Thailand, where he worked prior to returning to Melbourne in 2009, heard that he was losing his sight, they did something very special… they personally crafted a gift of 1000 folded origami cranes.

This heartfelt offering, intended to provide not only good luck but also eternal happiness, was the impetus for Rob to form a group to take on an Origami crane making project. His idea was to channel positive energy into making and passing on1000 origami cranes, so others could benefit.

Workshops took place over 6 weeks where participants who are blind or vision impaired had to first learn the Japanese art of paper folding as they set off on this wonderful but steep challenge. Origami instructor, Krissy Lynch, shared her knowledge and time alongside the expert skills of Melbourne Origami Group, members of Rosterfy, the participants, volunteers and BSRV staff.

These sessions, filled with an inviting atmosphere of creativity, fun and inclusiveness, saw many new friendships formed, while Rob’s vision was being realised.

Once the group had achieved their goal of 1,000, a lovely morning gathering was organised in celebration to deliver the paper cranes, big and small, to Karen Dimmock (CEO) and Catherine Devine (President) of the Association of Children with a Disability to gift to children with disability and their families.

As well as having our wonderful volunteers and participants present, we were honoured to have many other guests including Lloyd, his mother Maya Pinn, Ron Hooton (CEO, Vision Australia), Caroline Smith (Property Portfolio Manager, Vision Australia), and Jacqui Bond (General Manager, Client & Vision Services, Guide Dogs Victoria). 

The very first crane was selected by Lloyd, who not only received a gift of origami but also what it symbolises; goodwill, good harmony and positive energy.

Maurice Gleeson OAM, BSRV’s President, said that the Origami group was very fortunate to present the cranes to a worthy cause and that they were all happy to have the opportunity to create a better world.

This project was kindly funded by a Guide Dogs Victoria Connected Together grant.


Banner images:
The first of three images shows Krissy Lynch (Origami instructor) with Rob Fletcher (BSRV participant, Ambassador and origami group co-ordinator) both holding large origami cranes crafted from card, folded by the Melbourne Origami Group.

The second image shows a group of people holding the large collection of origami cranes, big and small, presented in tall glass jars and boxes. Pictured from left to right is Maurice Gleeson OAM (BSRV President), Karen Dimmock (CEO, Association for Children with a Disability), Silvana Pavlovic (BSRV participant), Genamarie Richards (BSRV participant), Rob Fletcher (BSRV participant) and Catherine Devine (President, Association for Children with a Disability).

The third image shows Maya Pinn kneeling next to her son, Lloyd, who is holding a large orange origami crane and looking toward his mum, while she smiles at the camera.]