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Image of You can help Victoria’s Blind Tennis players realise a great dream!

You can help Victoria’s Blind Tennis players realise a great dream!

Dare to dream!

Six remarkable Victorian tennis players, each navigating the world with a unique perspective as they are legally blind, have been chosen to proudly represent Australia in the forthcoming International Blind Tennis Association’s World Championships. Set to take place in Italy this September, this prestigious tournament marks a significant milestone in the careers of these exceptional athletes.

The journey to this global stage has been one of dedication and tireless effort. These athletes, despite facing the challenges imposed by their vision loss, have demonstrated determination and resilience. Through countless hours of training and commitment, they have honed their skills to the highest standard, earning their rightful place among the world's elite in blind tennis.

However, the path to international competition is not without its hurdles. While their passion and talent are boundless, the financial demands associated with participating in such an event pose a significant obstacle. In order to ensure that our Victorian representatives can seize this extraordinary opportunity and proudly showcase their talents on the world stage, we are reaching out to the community for support.

Your generosity can help turn their dreams into reality. By providing financial assistance, you will not only empower these athletes to fulfill their aspirations but also demonstrate the power of unity and support within our community. Every contribution, no matter the size, plays a vital role in enabling these athletes to travel to Italy and compete against the best in the world.

Together, let us rally behind our Victorian representatives and show the world the true spirit of determination, resilience, and unity. Your support will not only impact the lives of these athletes but for individuals facing similar challenges around the globe.

Join us in championing the dreams of our blind tennis players as they embark on this remarkable journey to the International Blind Tennis Association’s World Championships. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that their journey to success is paved with support, encouragement, and unwavering belief.

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