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Image of Why Jyotsna looks forward to volunteering each week...

Why Jyotsna looks forward to volunteering each week...

Jyotsna shares how she is keeping active as an Aqua-Fit volunteer.

The Aqua Fit Program run by Blind Sports & Recreations Victoria is an enjoyable and uplifting way to get active and a great way to socialise with the amazingly friendly participants.

My role as the volunteer is to help out the participants wherever possible, whether that be through verbal instructions of the activity we’re doing in the water, or through sighted guiding. Although when I first began volunteering at the centre, I had no experience with sighted guiding, the participants and members have been extremely inviting and really helped me learn how to better my instructions.

The classes are something I really look forward to throughout the week (not just for the after class tea and snacks!) but because the instructor and participants make it a cheerful and lively experience making you forget how much exercise you’re really doing, a real win-win scenario!

Volunteering is a great experience in general, I believe it’s a great way to get involved in the community, to help others and to better your own skills.

It’s a really welcoming environment and I have no doubt that anyone can fit right in with the group. I look forward to seeing more new Aqua-Fit participant faces in the future!


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